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social justice


When we read the Bible, it reveals a God who cares about fairness and justice... doing the right thing. He cares about the way we do justice too - even more than the way we do worship. That's why we make social justice a priority in the life of the church.

These are the issues we have focused on at glmc in recent years:

  • The Environment: It's our responsibility to take care of the planet. This involves lifestyle changes so we use the earths resources wisely and responsibly. Cutting down on single-use plastics is one example. A 'Green Corner' has been set up in the church to collect items the local council will not recycle... toothbrushes, toothpaste tubes, crisp packets, medicine blister packs etc.

  • Ethical Trading and Fairtrade: issues affect the decisions we make about the way we shop. Are the poor being exploited so we can eat and dress more cheaply. Look for the Fairtrade mark and be prepared to pay the right price (i.e. pay a little more) to do the right thing.

  • The Persecuted Church: Christian persecution is on the rise all over the planet but especially in the Middle East, North Africa, North Korea and China. We pray for the suffering church so it can endure under great trial.

  • Foodbank: Since the Covid-19 lockdown ended, we have run a foodbank from the church hall. It's called Heaven's Kitchen Mini Market and you can find us on Facebook. We provide food hampers to anyone in genuine need. Everything is run by a team of volunteers from the church and the community. We have developed partnerships with Citizens Advice and NEFirst Credit Union to further support people.

  • Community Table: We collect food on its sell-by/best before date from local shops and give it away. Each weekday from 2.00pm we open the church hall for anyone to take away free of charge. It's an environmental project that runs alongside the foodbank.

We're determined to show that God's love can make a real difference to people's everyday lives.
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